Feature Hyenablog Andyflies MSU hyenas blog: insights into the life of budding field biologists

Feature:  Ashlee Rowe and Matthew Rowe The story of a mouse and a scorpion: pure science at its best

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Feature: The Mountain ChiffChaff superimposed with Project AVoCet Songoram The MSU Avian Vocalizations Center (AVoCet) is a database of over 10,000 bird sound recordings.

Zoology is the integrative study of animal biology

Research and teaching in the MSU Zoology Department explores a wide range of biological questions in a diverse array of species, using cutting edge techniques in both the field and the laboratory.

We are unified by an emphasis on integration across levels of biological organization, and by our recognition of the explanatory power of evolutionary theory in understanding biological complexity. This integrative perspective helps unify researchers in modern biological subdisciplines, including cellular and developmental biology, neurobiology, animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and environmental science.

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